Top of Foot Pain Relief

Causes and Symptoms
Top of the foot pain can occur for multiple reasons. Walking, running and other basic activities can be hindered when you are affected by this sort of ailment. Bone spurs, a pinched nerve or even stress fractures are just a few of the issues causing top of the foot pain. Some people that suffer from this sort of ailment experience a sharp pain, burning sensations, numbness or tingling in the top of the foot. This pain may radiate upwards making it difficult for the individual to put any pressure on their foot.

People that experience pain on the top of their foot find relief in resting the affected area. Putting something such as an ice pack on the site of the pain may allow you to dull its effects. Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen also allow for some pain relief. Finally, it is important to keep your foot elevated to help with blood circulation and prevent increased swelling. Remember if you have persistent pain on the top of your foot, it is important to contact you doctor. Your doctor may recommend other forms of treatment or refer you to a podiatrist.